Apocalypse Set Design & SFX // Design Lab

Date: 2015-05-26

Come and help the production team for the 'Frayed: Apocalypse Edition' costume and photography workshop. We've been given the chance to help construct set design, props, inter-acting objects and soun...

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Frayed: Apocalypse Edition

Date: 2015-06-06

___________CALL FOR SURVIVORS___________ We have made base within what seems to be an abandoned community hall; the space is decontaminated and secured, there’s an eco-lectricity generator, an abun...

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Fever - Richard Bolhuis

Date: 2015-07-03

Opening Installation Fever On Friday July the 3rd, Richard's ongoing installation will be completed. An organic work flowing out of the feedback of the space and a year in the making. Between Richa...

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